Compare and See the Difference!

Like many things in life, there are choices, and often better quality costs a little more up front but rewards you over the long-term with a better choice.

Simpson EyeWear prides itself on quality, and giving patients an eyewear choice that meets their budget and quality needs.

Simpson EyeWear refuses to sell an inferior product, and if you should find a manufacturer’s defect in any of our products, we will replace it no questions asked for one year, and in many cases, patients select options that could in fact extend this product guarantee for even longer.

We are confident that we can provide patients the best lens choices to meet their needs, not the popular product of the month as determined by corporate headquarters, or a high-margin lower quality entry level choice.

Does this mean we cost a lot more? Not necessarily, we believe that for the quality products we provide, no one can beat our prices.

We Know Our Glasses

Single Vision Glasses

Simpson EyeWear uses Trivex® lenses with higher end plastics and polycarbonate.

Others that use entry-level plastic lenses may contain:

  • distortion
  • aberrations in the lens
  • high carbon content that makes the lenses less than clear

Progressive Lenses

Simpson EyeWear uses the highest quality lenses like 5th and 6th generation lenses.

Others may use entry-level plastic lenses that have:

  • narrow viewing channels
  • high edge distortion
  • a high profit margin for lower quality


“Doctor’s offices and independent optical boutiques typically scored high marks across the board, particularly when it came to employee know-how, service, and the quality of the finished glasses. Independent boutiques are also the place to go for great frame selection”
— Chatham Journal

“Eighty-three percent of readers who purchased their glasses at an indie (independent) shop were highly satisfied with the variety of frames available, compared with 69 percent at the big retailers.”
— Consumer Reports

“A 2007 ABC investigative story showed that nearly half of the custom eyewear products made for their report were made incorrectly by the big box retailers and did not meet national standards or guidelines.”
— ABC Good Morning America 11/2007